Saving Money After a Surgery Injury

In the last few months, I’ve had a minor health crisis. It’s given me more time to work on my money-saving blog, of course, but it’s been a real strain on my family. 

I was supposed to have my gallbladder removed, but during the surgery, my doctor left some tools in my abdomen. It called for more surgery to fix the mistake. As you can imagine, treatment and the following lawsuit weren’t cheap. 

So, let’s talk about what I did during this situation. How do you save money when you’re hurt after surgery goes wrong? 

Getting Compensated for My Injury

Of course, the little details weren’t the first thing on my mind after my injury. Mostly, I was concerned about protecting myself from medical debt. Many people are stuck with debt that hurts their future and makes it harder for them to save up money when they need it. 

Having a Louisville medical malpractice lawyer on my side made all the difference during my claim. They represented me in court, presented my evidence, and helped me get compensation for my losses. 

Best of all? I didn’t have to directly pay them! We agreed before the lawsuit they’d be paid a percentage of my compensation, which means I never had to worry about paying anyone. 

Keeping the Costs of Care Low

Still, my lack of worry about paying the lawyer didn’t mean my concerns were over. There are always other expenses, especially when you’re hurt and you’re unable to take care of certain responsibilities. I was already worried about the cost of a babysitter, for example, and about food. 

First, I reached out to friends and family about watching the kids. I’d still be at home, of course, but when you’re in bed with a bunch of stitches, you can’t go lugging the baby around. While I still paid them, they were much more understanding of my situation and sometimes even took the kids on the weekends, so I could rest and nap. 

Food, at first, got a little expensive. I couldn’t cook on my own, though my partner did what she could. While takeout became a staple for a while, that was expensive. So, I saved where I could by using a slow cooker. 

It’s easy—my partner puts the food in the slow cooker, turns it on, and leaves. I’m in the house, so it’s not like the house will burn down. When she gets back, the food’s done, and as my health has improved, I’ve even started helping to put things away and clean. 

Talk to Your Lawyer About a Medical Injury

Obviously, not all of us are going to experience a surgical injury in our lives. Still, the costs of dealing with a medical problem can get high. Even if your doctor didn’t harm you, you may still not feel so great after the fact.

The good news is, some of these tips are still pretty useful even if everything went right. When you need a little cash on hand, delegating tasks and taking some extra steps to save can make a big difference. 

If you’ve just been injured in a surgical injury, you also have a chance to protect your funds a little further. Medical debt is no joke, so making sure a doctor’s mistake doesn’t ruin your future is just as important as saving on food and child care. 

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