Protecting Yourself from White Collar Crime

When you grow up in a low-income household, it’s not easy to make it to the top. I know that firsthand—I grew up in low-income housing, and my family struggled financially all my life. So, when I got my first job, I vowed to keep it and make a living I could be proud of from it. 

Unfortunately, all that was almost taken away from me by white collar crime. Specifically, the company I was working for was accused of money laundering, which was a huge scandal in our field. 

At the time, I was worried about losing my job and how I’d support my family if that happens. Then, I thought, “What can I do to avoid this situation?” Here are a few tips to protect your future from white collar crime. 

Watch for Suspicious Activity

When you’re on the job, you may notice people acting suspiciously. They may be having late meetings, leaving certain people out of talks, or using coded language to hide their actions. You may also notice, in the course of your day, that documents have been missing or altered. You may have also noticed changes in the company’s financial state that seem surprising or unwarranted. 

Knowing what to look for when dealing with white collar crime is a large part of the battle. Once you notice it, though, it’s time to act. If you don’t, you could be accused of the crime yourself, which could put you in dire financial straits for life. 

Blow the Whistle

If you notice suspicious activity, waiting around to say something won’t help. In some cases, the wrongdoer may even assume you’re on their side. Because of this, you may need to speak to a whistleblower lawyer about your case. 

White collar crime is a serious issue, and it’s one the government takes seriously. It doesn’t hurt, too, that you may receive a financial reward for blowing the whistle when you see white collar crime taking place. If you’re not sure what you’ve witnessed is illegal, you can bring evidence of your claim to an attorney. 

Don’t Take the Fall—Get a Strong Defense 

Unfortunately, you may not have even realized a crime was happening at your workplace until you’ve been arrested. Now, you’re heading to court for a crime you may not believe you committed. A Dallas white collar crime lawyer can help. 

Even if you’ve been accused of white collar crimes, like fraud or identity theft, you still have a chance to defend your case. Your defense attorney will represent you in court and help you defend your case so you can avoid prison and other consequences that could severely impact your life. 

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