Teach Economic Freedom

If you want to change your life for the better and take charge of your situation, the easiest way to achieve this is through economic freedom. As someone who has climbed from the pits of poverty, nothing is more liberating than having the economic freedom to do anything and go anywhere you want. I went from having less than $20 in my account to having countless investment properties that increase my net worth as I sleep. 

Of course, all of my success didn’t happen overnight. Following a strict financial code set by my mentor was the only way I was able to build a ladder to escape poverty. Now that my mentor has passed on, it’s time that I share the wisdom he taught me with the rest of the world. 

From what properties you should invest in and how to legally protect your assets to how to get money legally owed to you, this site is dedicated to helping you achieve your economic freedom. However, I don’t have all the answers. For this reason, visitors are welcome to contribute any information that may assist other users on the site. 

Nothing is more important than retaining your financial freedom. While you may achieve your freedom, some experiences and events will threaten the freedom that you’ve worked extremely hard to achieve. 

Even if you’ve had a background that was the complete opposite of mine, I hope that this site can help you maintain your wealth and continue to build a lasting legacy for your family. Remember, money is just a tool that we use to achieve our goals. Money allows us the opportunity to purchase goods and services but we’re also given the chance to invest in the futures of our loved ones. 

Instead of constantly chasing money or losing money to frivolous purchases, take control of your money. Use the information here to change your situation. Have your money work for you instead of working for it.